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The Farm

Ktima Bellou, extending on a 7-hectare cultivated land, is an original farm full of wild flowers, organic cultivations and domestic animals.

The land has been in the possession of the Bellos family since 1860; for more than thirty years it has remained pure of chemical usage.

Our cultivations are natural and include mountain fruit, vegetables, trees, arborescents and aromatic herbs. Apart from the quince trees, the sour-cherry and cherry trees, the cherry plums and the raspberries, of special importance are the strawberry cultivations, that bear fruit from May till October. Our garden supplies our kitchen with a variety of vegetables; the potatoes and giant beans are, in fact, long-standing traditional products of our region. Three hundred walnut trees constitute a big part of the farm. Visitors can find a variety of aromatic herbs in our botanical garden, while Olympus' mountain tea and local oregano are cultivated more widely. In the beginning of summer, rose petals of the aromatic variety Rosa damascena are harvested for the preparation of sweet preserve and their essential oil; along with rosemary and lavender, we process them in the farm's distiller, in the company of our guests. Among our fields, some sheep and chickens cover most of our kitchen's and homemade breakfast's needs.

Our cultivations are being checked by the organic certification association DIO for meeting the organic farming standards.

Part of our produce is processed and packaged. Depending on the season, homemade jams, handcrafted liqueurs, spices and sweet fruit preserves are also available for sale.



Ktima Bellou
Agios Dimitrios, 60 100

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