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Our New Philosophy

Musing Your Journey ®

We are unfolding our new philosophy by unveiling a new way of travelling.

We value the splendor of the mystical nature that is unified with our local myths – the 12 Olympian Gods and the 9 Pierian Muses. An enigmatic and mysterious atmosphere embraced with curiosity, imagination and tales which have invoked human creation & excellence for centuries.

Our philosophy will be emerging all year round through indoor & outdoor activities, our reputable creative cuisine and organic farm products.


Musing Your Journey ®

Muse: A Greek origin word, connected with the 9 Pierian Muses and our region's cultural background

Meaning: the process of immersive pondering about something for a time, a state of dreaming and inspiration.

[Internationally registered trademark]

The Purple

Purple is the color connected to the 9 Muses and especially Calliope, the most important of all - a personification of poetic creativity and inspiration. It is also considered as the color of imagination, mindfulness and spirituality.

In an organic farm full of lavender fields, purple perfectly unifies the hotel's identity with the natural environment.

Parnassius Apollo butterfly & the Journey of transformation

The monogram KB [ < Ktima Bellou] reveals the shape of a butterfly and Ancient Greeks regarded the butterfly as the incarnation of one's soul (psyche). The butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation, hope and new beginnings across cultures. A symbol of rebirth & resurrection and the inner transformative journey that travelling can achieve.

Parnassius Apollo butterfly was symbolically selected, as Apollo, god of music, art and harmony was also known as Musagetes, Leader of the Muses. 

The Team

H&T Beyond Tourism, Yannis Michaelides, Project leader
Brand identity study, branding strategy, new slogan, brand delivery action plan, color selection, brand visual logo & brand manual directions, music brief, brand execution

Range Left, London UK, Art creative agency
Brand visual logo & applications

Andromache Karanika, Associate Professor of Classical Studies, University of California, Irvine
Scientific Advising & Orientation

Savvas Vasileiadis, Nature Guide
Butterfly photography

Ktima Bellou, Afroditi Bellou, Managing Director


Our philosophy has been presented at UC Berkeley (March 2022) and at the National Music Library of Greece (Athens Concert Hall) by Yannis Michaelides. Our approach has been distinguished with the Gold award of the Greek Tourism Awards 2023 in the category “Innovative Concept”. 



Ktima Bellou
Agios Dimitrios, 60 100

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