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Activities in Olympus

Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece. It is the first declared National Park of Greece and has been included in Unesco's World Network of Biosphere Preserves since 1981. Ktima Bellou stands on a location of special natural beauty in the most virgin side of the mountain of the gods, the unexplored region of Western Olympus.

The area has a rich mythological and historical background. Guests can utilise our hotel as a base to enjoy contact with nature, to organize ecotourism activities and visit archaeological sites, monuments and places of interest centred on the mythical mountain.

Outdoor activities

  • Daily ascent on Mytikas, Olympus' highest peak (2918 m), from the western side of the mountain (from June to September): easy access with a 4x4 car to Christaki's refuge and then a two-hour trek until the peak; a certified mountain guide is necessary - available through our hotel upon request
  • Climbing and trekking (throughout the year): with a certified mountain guide, available upon request
  • Ski mountaineering on the slopes of Olympus (from December until May): with a certified mountain guide, available upon request
  • Canyoning in the falls of Orlias stream at Dion (from May until October): with a certified mountain guide, available upon request; for people of 11 years old and above
  • Skiing at K.E.O.A.Ch. (Olympus' ski resort, property of the greek army), Vrisopoules area (alt. 1820 m): Sundays during the winter months (equipment is not provided)


  • Nearby paths, adjacent to the hotel
  • Combination of driving and trekking routes in the forests of western Olympus, in the verdant peak of Vulgara (1687 m), in the canyon of Enipeas river and the stream of Orlias, swimming in the natural ponds and the waterfalls
  • Trekking along the European E4 path that connects the western with the eastern side of the mountain, through the summits of Olympus

Routes by car

  • Route through the heart of Mt Olympus: driving route in the heart of the mountain with a wonderful view of the peaks of Olympus, trekking in the forest paths and stops at the mountain springs
  • Tour of Mt Olympus - the mountain from every angle: route by the canyons of Lower Olympus and stops at the traditional village of Palios Panteleimonas, the castle of Platamonas, the beaches of Pieria and Litochoro, on the slopes of Eastern Olympus

Archaeological sites

  • Spathes - archaeological site of Agios Dimitrios, where a burial ground of the Mycenaean era came to light, 1200 - 1300 BC (4 km)
  • Dion - place of worship of Olympian Zeus, religious centre of the Macedonians since the 5th century BC (40 km)

Historical monasteries of Olympus - Religious tourism

  • Madonna of Olympus (Olympiotissa) Elassona, 13th century AD (30km)
  • Holy Triad of Sparmos, 16th century AD (30km)
  • Kanalon monastery Karya, 11th century AD (54km)
  • St Dionysius Litochoro, 16th century AD (50km)

During your stay, our hotel can provide you with maps of the area, as well as detailed directions and additional information for your excursions.

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